We merge reality with digital information to create sci-fi user experiences.


We offer Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions as per the industry requirements. We sustain strong experience in the field of AR/VR solutions which enables us to deliver a remarkable quality of graphics and content. Our AR/VR solutions consolidate cutting-edge technology and comfort of usage.


Augmented Reality

The way interactions take place in the digital world is constantly evolving. Augmented reality facilitates you to deliver engaging experiences to your users on their personal devices.

Virtual Reality

Convert your ideas into products and apps through VR solutions. Deliver an enhanced quality of presentation and experience with virtual reality solutions.

Mixed Reality

Our extensive and broad experience in the domains of AR and VR allows us to render you a mix of both. We can definitely integrate both of the technologies for you to deliver a hybrid reality experience.

Our Solutions

We “ Brings Print To Life” either Offline or Online, We change the way billions of people see, feel, interact and share like never ever before, “Connecting All Walks Of Life”. We transform “PRINT AND OR ONLINE” advertisements into interactive intelligent engagement, increasing brand awareness, enhancing brand equity. We collects real-time stats to provide monetized analytics in a breathtaking way, for every business need. We let you explore, discover and engage into the gamut of Augmented Reality 4D Images/models/video/ panoramic walk-through campaigns, integrated in rich media, in real time in their actual size & environment.

We transforms physical environment into 4D virtual environment in rich media, in real-time, connecting people to organizations, brands, enterprises, marketers and businesses from industry verticals on the move. We making breakthrough and change the way billions of people see, feel, experience, interact, influence and help make great decisions, “Connecting All Walks Of Life”. We unlock the world of hidden things or objects giving you amazing 4D Augmented Reality (AR) Experience Beyond Your Imaginations.


Pointing a camera at a specific trigger point (AR marker) or looking at it through AR glasses or a special screen, the user can see life-like digital overlays with multimedia content and interact with them.

Use augmented models to demonstrate your products or educate users.


  • Object recognition
  • Projections and superimpositions


The user can see 3D content overlaid right onto their surroundings. The most sophisticated form of augmented reality, markerless AR is based on the simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology.

Create immersive experiences that the user would like to repeat and share.


  • Scene recognition
  • Simultaneous localization and mapping


Real estate & interior

AR is a major tool to save agents’ time and cut operational costs. Don’t miss the opportunity to invite your clients to interactive, customizable 3D property tours, or cut the sales cycle by rendering the finished interiors in mere seconds.


  • Architects’ apps
  • Real estate showrooms
  • Interior design apps

Marketing & advertising

Our augmented reality developers create solutions that let you grasp consumer attention right from the first encounter and generate publicity beyond ordinary.


  • Augmented catalogues
  • On-package advertising
  • In-store advertising

Media & entertainment

Bring more value to live events, TV broadcasting, and online video streaming through added information layers and enriched second-screen experiences.


  • Augmented broadcast
  • Trade show displays


The cradle of reality augmentation, gaming is bound to be redefined by this emerging technology. Make your gamers walk around to discover fantastic elements in the harsh reality or entertain them with augmented interaction based on face and gesture recognition.


  • Mobile games
  • Desktop games
  • Social gaming apps
  • Interactive games

Retail & ecommerce

In-store or online, let your customers discover the new fun of shopping. Retail brands can now blend the best of brick-and-mortar experience with the interactivity of digital outlets to win their buyers.


  • Interactive display
  • Interactive kiosk
  • Virtual try-ons
  • Smart fitting rooms
  • Beacon navigation


Create augmented reality applications for staff training and quality control.


  • Educational apps
  • AR schemes and guides
  • Automated quality assurance



Ajna – ” The Third eye”, a eye that sees d unseen. An eye that sees things beyond imagination. An app that makes you travel through new dimension of how you see your vision. What you need to do…. it so simple … download our app, then scan the images having Ajna logo and see the magic hidden in those images. With the era of Augmented reality, we brings you the different prospective of seeing and feeling the image.


It’s simple!