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Democratizing the cloud SAAS Artificial Intelligence Electronic Health-Care Records (EHR)/ Electronic Patient Care Records (EPCR) SOFTWARE PRODUCT for patient care, cure and digitize robust health-care systems for hospitals, emergency medical services, ambulatory service centers, health-care performers & insurance companies in real-time!

At the core of SKIE CORP ethos lies an unwavering belief in skieCARE, delivering

  • Revolutionized product for healthcare records
  • Elevates patient care outcomes
  • Deeply committed to leveraging the latest breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) Product, (Pay as You Scale) Pricing
  • That adeptly address the dynamic needs of the healthcare and insurance organizations

skieCARE is meticulously engineered and designed for organization implementing better ecosystems enabling the below,

  • User friendly work environment and interfaces
  • Admin rights for rules & field customization
  • AI lead management for scheduling
  • AI streamline operational workflows
  • AI enhanced patient care and medical interventions
  • furnish healthcare professionals with actionable insights
  • Deliver meaningful extracts of profound utility
  • AI algorithms, cutting-edge technologies and analytics
  • On the run patient records and reports for revenue generation
  • Integrating data and communications efficiently and seamlessly

skieCARE presents a comprehensive array of features curated to optimize clinical processes, enhance diagnostic precision, and facilitate bespoke patient care experiences.

“Authenticity Is Our Commitment”

  • We deliver “A DISTINCTIVE quality assurance and quality improvement workflow in place”
  • Distinctive EHR/EPCR means deliver “RRR”
  • “RRR” means Assured “Results, Records & Revenue”
  • skieCARE is “CCC” “Competitive, Competent & Compelling”

skieCARE cost-effective AI SAAS solution engages

  • To assist Patient Care
  • Medical Services Professionals
  • Evaluating, securing data and reports
  • And Interoperability for payment reimbursements


  • Increased Patient Satisfaction
  • Enhanced Patient Care
  • Increased efficiency & Accuracy
  • Reduction in Medical Errors
  • Improved Communication
  • Faster Revenue Collections

skieCARE Software Product Solution Delivers 10X User Engagement, 5X Productivity & 10X CSAT

Comprehensive Software Solution

A Complete Ecosystem for Emergency Medical Service

Robust Software Platform

Empowers Paramedics & HC Providers to Streamline Data.

User Community

Hospitals, Health Care Orgs, Emergency Medical Providers, Ambulatory Service Centers , Clinics & Insurance Orgs.

End Users

Paramedics, Doctors, Admin, Billers, Schedulers/Dispatchers, EMTs.

Predefined Data Fields

Innovative Workflow, Improved Documentation Accuracy & Enhanced Patient Outcomes.


Job Assignments

(Pre-Booked/Emergency Appts)

Admins have the flexibility to assign or update paramedics daily, Ad-hoc or weekly basis for jobs.

Admin Panel Data Management

Patient Data View, Edit, Record & Download APR’s (Ambulance Patient Records) in formats Doc, PDF, CSV.

Admin Rules & Control Management

Administrators can designate mandatory fields.

skieCARE ensures all relevant and every event patient data is immediately available to responders, leading to more productive decision makings and timely medical interventions Integrating Data Efficiently & Seamlessly.

skieCARE AI Features

  • With AI enables proactive engagement & true concurrences
  • Capturing the patient data efficiently
  • Making easy narration and feeds information in real time
  • Generating valuable reports for patient & medical service providers

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